Testimonials From Our Patients

“What an answer to prayer!  Many in my church had prayed for my healing from back and breast pain that I had suffered with for over a year and a half.   I had spent thousands of dollars on traditional medical treatments and physical therapy to no avail.  A friend suggested Orlando Ly and acupuncture and within 6-8 weeks I am 95% pain free and looking forward to 100% recovery very soon.  Thank you Dr. Ly for helping my body heal!

-Yvonne Steadman

“I have had fibromyalgia and polymyalgia for 26 years.  Before acupuncture, I could hardly walk or dress myself.  I felt relief from the first visit.  After 4 months, I was pain free.  I also lost 34 pounds.  They transformed me into a totally different person.”

“When I came, I was walking with a cane.  After a series of treatments, I no longer needed the cane and I was pain free.  I feel like my life has been given back to me.  God Bless Orlando and Frank Ly and their staff.  They make you feel cared for and loved.”

-Sister Mary Clare

“I broke my ankle in 10 places in January of 2006 and had surgery to repair the fracture.  Sometime after surgery, I developed a severe staph infection that lasted for 8 months.  During the same time, I had a second surgery.  After months of physical therapy I had almost no range of motion, severe swelling, and pain.  My physical therapist suggested that I see Dr. Frank Ly.  After a couple of visits, the pain subsided, the swelling improved and the color of my ankle improved dramatically.  Now, almost 1 year after my first visit to Dr. Ly, I am pain free and am riding my mountain bike again.  My doctors and physical therapists basically did everything they could for me, but were it not for Dr. Ly, I have no doubt that my mobility would have been impaired for the rest of my life.”

-David Franks

“We first learned about Orlando and Frank Ly nearly nine years ago when my granddaughter went to see them for her migraines.  Soon after they got her headaches under control, my mother was severely ill, in the hospital, and was given only months to live.  Unable to walk, she went to see Orlando for the first time in a wheel chair.  That same day, she walked out of the office.  Today, all of my family sees Orlando.  He has helped me survive cancer, helped my daughter with pain from fibromyalgia, and he took care of my husband’s neck pain.  Whether its pain, digestive problems, fatigue, cancer, or even a common cold, Orlando and Frank are wonderful.  We highly recommend them to anyone.”

-Wanda Stahl

Lost 51 pounds

“Diets, frustration, and stress eating were a daily way of life for me just five short months ago.  That is until I found out about something new and different.   I saw people I knew looking thinner and thinner.  I asked, “What diet are you on and how are you losing all this weight?  Boy, was I shocked when they said acupuncture.  In one week’s time I found myself sitting in Orlando Ly’s Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic.  When I left that day, I couldn’t believe my experience.  Orlando had taken the time to explain the various procedures that it would take to begin my transformation.  He explained the true importance of making new ‘healthy’ habits in my life.  He listened while I shared my frustrations about 10 years of unsuccessful dieting. His non-judgmental attitude and encouraging words gave me hope that the body I desired to have back was possible.  The decision was mine.  I had to be determined to give up my old ways and adopt new habits.  He introduced me to new natural herbs that within 2 weeks would detox my body, increase my metabolism, and curve my cravings.

Now I’m 51 pounds lighter!  I feel great and just can’t keep this smile off my face!  Thank you Orlando!”

-Karen Lindsey

Lost 50 pounds

“I originally went to see Orlando Ly for vertigo.  Amazed at how quickly he took care of that problem, I had him start treating my fibromyalgia and problems with weight loss.  Acupuncture is wonderful!  Orlando Ly got rid of my pain, gave me more energy, and I’ve lost 50 pounds and counting.  He gave me the old me back!  I wish I had heard about him years ago.”

-Sherrie Todd


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